I am so glad you are here because that means you're at least curious about how health coaching can fill the gap between thinking about making a change in your life and actually taking action on it.
It took me a while to realize how important it is to listen to what our body is telling us, and even longer to prioritize those things and not feel guilty about doing so.
How many times have you thought about creating a life where you are putting your health and your needs first?
If you're like me, you have spent a lot of time thinking about how that can be a possibility.

The thing is, instead of thinking as putting ourselves first as a possibility, we have to see it as the key to making all the other moving parts in our life fit together. 

The coaching process is not a quick fix, it's something you have to be willing to dive into and take time to uncover and create a plan that will lead to success for you.

This is your journey, I am here to give you permission to take control of it again. 


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Individualized Health Coaching

Have you thought about making a change in your life but can't seem to take action toward that change?


I will hold space for you to take action, help you navigate through challenges that have prevented you from seeing results and give you permission to start taking time for yourself.


Image by Samantha Gades
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Image by Samantha Gades

“I am so happy to say I lost the 30 pounds.”

“I am so glad that I made contact with Leigh, with her help and encouragement, she helped me improve my life. I now have the confidence knowing I can continue with my plan and be a better person.”

“It’s amazing how much having an accountability partner has helped me through this endeavor.”