4 Tips For Keeping Up With Your Healthy Habits While Buying A House

Buying a house can be one of the most exciting, but also hectic, and sometimes stressful times of your life. From house shopping, to making sure funds are in place, to putting in offers, to getting texts/calls from your realtor, it can feel like your world is spinning around in place with all of these moving pieces. Before you know it, you‘ve moved in, there are boxes everywhere, leftover egg rolls in the kitchen and you haven’t worked out in days.

Here’s the thing though, the more you stick to a routine and keep up with your healthy habits while buying a house, the easier it will be. You will feel less stressed, more energized and better equipped for move-in day. You might be asking, “how can I juggle home buying with going to the gym, working, prepping meals and find time to relax?

To help you stay on track, my top 5 tips for keeping a healthy routine while navigating house buying are:

1. Schedule your exercise like you would any other important meeting. If you block out time ahead of scheduling home inspections, negotiations, meet ups with the realtor and paperwork signing, you are more likely to stick to a consistent exercise schedule and less likely to put it off.

2. Plan out days or evenings in which you will organize, clean and throw away items from your current house or apartment that won‘t be making the move. If things are organized, labeled and can easily be put in the moving truck or car, you will feel less stressed.

3. Shop around for meal prep places! If you know all of the cookware is going to be packed in boxes for the first week you are in your new home, check out Clean Eatz or Muscle Maker Grill. They have meal plans you can grab ahead of time where all you have to do is throw them in the microwave at mealtime. Easy, simple, healthy meals will take away the stress of unpacking your cookware and provide you with delicious ready-to-go meals.

4. Breathe. When we go through any transition in life, we can get bogged down by trying to take on everything at once without taking a second (or two) to relax and take a deep breath. Dude, you are buying a house! What an amazing thing to be buying something that you will own, cherish and make memories in. Don’t worry about all of the what if’s, if so’s should do‘s. Follow these tips, (find an awesome realtor), and you will be sure to feel more grounded and on track when you are officially moved in.

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