Cold days call for pulled pork crockpot recipes

I am a huge fan of finding recipes that are healthy, but also comforting while snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite TV show, reading a good book or hanging out with friends to watch the big game.

The crockpot is my go-to when I get in moods to make big batches of comfort foods because they are 1) easy to use 2) don’t require a lot of prep and 3) once the ingredients are in the pot, there is nothing else for you to do (other than taste test, obviously).

I make a lot of different things in the crockpot, but this slow cooked pulled pork recipe is part of my meal plan at least twice a month throughout the fall and winter. It’s also an easy dish to make for a large group if you’re having people over!

I like to layer the pork over cauliflower mash, brown rice, or on an open faced sandwich with melted cheese. So delicious!

If you want to try it out, here’s the link to recipe: Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Recipe

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