How I Learned To Be Persistent With My Goals, But Flexible With My Methods

Last summer, I spent a lot of time being angry about the fact that I had gone from having a strong upper body to a post-surgery sling in a matter of 6 months due to something that was out of my control. I had spent four years putting my sweat, determination and soul into developing a consistent routine for my health and fitness that had changed my life around. I had lost 25 pounds, I had tripled the amount of weight I could lift, I could easily run 3-4 miles, and then that changed, and I was pissed about it.

I spent the first several months of 2018 brooding internally about the fact that I would have to basically start from ground zero with lifting and physical activity after my surgery in May. But I also knew that I couldn’t continue to be angry because spending time angry at something I couldn’t control wouldn’t help me recover, nor would it change anything. What had happened, had happened, and I had to accept it and be able to move on from it.

I gave myself grace, brooded a little more, and then said to myself “There are things in life we can’t control, but there are also many things we can. Focus on those things, and think about all you have accomplished in the past 4 years. Don’t let one thing take all the good away from you.”

Since my surgery, I have had to remind myself of that a lot. I have also had to remind myself, mostly through listening to motivational podcasts on my morning commute, that we should always be persistent in reaching our goals, but flexible in our methods.

We all have a set picture in our mind about how things should go, when in reality, life is going to mess things up, throw you off course and change the path; but that’s the beauty of the journey. If we all knew exactly how our life would go, it would take out the mystery, the adventure, the struggles that lead to reaching the mountaintop.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, life won’t go as we planned it. Just remember that that’s okay and it’s what we do moving forward that determines our success.

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