My favorite snacks to pack when traveling

Who is traveling for the 4th of July? Going to the beach? Going to the lake? Getting together with family? When I go on trips, there are a few things that are a top priority on my (over)packing list; comfy travel clothes, sunglasses and SNACKS!

When I am at the beach, or on a long road trip, or taking a flight, snacks are a must! There one thing I always try to remember is to pack snacks that are satisfying (aka fill you up) and delicious! You can definitely snack without falling off the wagon, trust me!

Some of my favorite snacks are:

  1. Skinny Pop popcorn (especially the white cheddar flavor)

  2. Boom Chicka Pop popcorn

  3. RX Bars

  4. Beachbars

  5. Tuna to-go packs (so delicious!)

  6. Hint Water (flavored water in several different flavors)

  7. Smart Sweets gummy bears

  8. Roasted almond packs in different flavors

So next week, when you’re packing up for the holiday weekend, make sure you pack some yummy snacks to keep your hunger and sanity at bay. 🙂

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