Staying on Track During Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl weekend is a time when people get together, watch football, name their favorite commercials, comment on the half-time performance and…..EAT!! We love making a lot of food during super bowl weekend, but also stress out about falling off the wagon when it comes to the new years resolutions we have set for ourselves. Therefore, we either go all in and off the wagon, or all out and don’t eat during the Super Bowl weekend festivities. Usually it’s the first one, right?

But what if I told you that you COULD eat delicious Super Bowl foods AND stay on track with healthy eating and weight loss goals?!

In honor of Super Bowl weekend, I have created a list of recipes that are NFL team inspired. The recipes for each team are grouped by division and can be downloaded for your use! Each team has a recipe that is delicious and can be made up for the crowd you’re having over, the party you’re going to, or for you and your couch on game day! The recipes were inspired by where each team is located. For example, the Baltimore Ravens recipe is “Ravens Old Bay Crab Cakes” (shoutout to all my Ravens fans)!!!

Super Bowl weekend doesn’t have to be about falling off the healthy eating track, it can be about finding delicious recipes that fit those Sunday Funday activities AND your goals 🙂

AFC North Recipes

AFC South Recipes

AFC East Recipes

AFC West Recipes

NFC North Recipes

NFC South Recipes

NFC East Recipes

NFC West Recipes

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